Eye pressure

Has anyone felt like a ax dropped in the top of their head then found out their eye pressure was high. I also experienced a sharp pain in my back.

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Hey Kmom,
My eyes have been one of my indicators there’s an issue. I’ve seen optometrists and now wear glasses, but this has not resolved my eye pain. I’ve seen an ophthalmologist, who measured my eye pressure and reports there is no pressure issue, but the pain/pressure behind my eyes is EMMENSE. At times the pain is so bad I’m almost tempted to dig my eyes out with a teaspoon.

For some people they repeatedly have the same type of headache in the same location. My headaches vary wildly. Sometimes they originate from the back of my head, sometimes they originate from my face and sometimes they encompass my whole skull or ‘…like a ax dropped in the top of their head…’. Because my symptoms vary so much trying to pinpoint a cause vs effect has been near on impossible. I’ve consulted many medicos and been told “It could be ‘X’ or it could be ‘Y’…” but using that theory it could be A or B or C or D or E or … any other letter of the alphabet too.

Has your eye pressure been measured by an ophthalmologist or is it more that you feel the pressure in your eyes? Depending on the cause, there are eye drops which can help ‘some’ people with medically diagnosed eye pressure issues. For me, I often feel like my eyes are going to explode from my skull, but the ophthalmologist tells me my eye pressure is within normal range. When I queried why my eyes feel like this his response was ‘Well, you’ve had brain surgery, what did you expect?’ which I thought was a little blunt, but I didn’t expect ‘THIS’.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

I too have this burning pain sometimes in my eye left side sometimes down the whole side of my face varies from mild to wanting to pull my own eye out. My left side is more affected and I can’t lie on my side at all. I have a feeling of fullness in my left ear constantly am I alone in this or does anyone else have this.

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Yes, I also feel this.