has any one every tried bee pollen and brewer's yeast for energy? and has it worked for you> dr oz and my mom told me to try it so i'm gonna see if it help


Years ago before I used to make morning shakes with brewers yeast. I used a bannana pinaple juice and brewers yeast in a blender with ice. It was okay and I think it helped with my energy level but it was a long time ago. Brewers yeast is definitely an aquired taste. I never tried bee pollen but have read good things about it. Let us know how you make out.


i started take them both a couple of days ago in pill form. my mom and her husband said they can feel the difference if they miss a day

Please let us know if it works !!!!!

well as i've been on this for about five days, i think it seems to be help some, besides yesterday i was not feeling to well and needed a nap. but as off today i really did'nt get much sleep last night cause of my kids, but i've been running all day since 7 this morning none stop. so maybe i got something to help me alittle