Drunk feeling

Hi everyone, I had a question for everyone on here I don’t know if it’s a symptom of something or what exactly it is or if anybody else gets this but there’s some days where I wake up or I just develop it throughout the day time but I feel like I am drunk even though I didn’t have anything whatsoever to drink. It’s like I’m stumbling all over the place my vision and speech and just my entire body is off completely and it feels literally like I’m hammered like I had one heck of a wild party night even though I never had a sip of nothing. Does anyone else ever feel like this and if you do is there anything that helps you feel better? Thank you I’m just wondering what’s going on and why.

Thank you,

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Hi there yes! this happens to me even after my op especially in the mornings I find myself slurring during conversations that require a lot of concentration I also find myself saying things that don’t fit the context of the conversation. That spaced out feeling like when you had to many happens to me daily especially if im tired,stressed or get up to quick I find myself saying ‘‘yehhhh’’ a lot and people kinda don’t get it they look at my like hello… is anyone there.

I know how you feel, i I’m bad for doing all of that too. I wonder what causes it? If there might be a way to stop it, that sure would be nice.

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That happens to me too! I’m almost 3 years post unsuccessful surgery. I find myself telling people - like my pharmaciat or daughters pediatrician - I’m not drunk, I had brain surgery.
Thank you for sharing. Helps me not feel alone.

Hi Sam, I quit drinking soon after my diagnoses, since I was feeling dizzy, lightheaded, migraines, weakness, dropping things, lots of Pain, etc. already! I was also worried if drinking alcohol would affect the amount and flow of spinal fluid (Stay Hydrated ). Since I have blocked fluid. I have the same feeling of being drunk, especially if I am going all day and don’t get to rest my head/ neck. I’m always DD now. When we get home I’ll say to my husband, I feel like I’ve been drinking all day. I’ll have lots of pain too and the next day I feel awful. This happens almost every time we go out, especially if it’s more than a few hours. Tina from WI