Dont assume every thing is Chiari related

remember if you have a symptom for rmore than 5-7 day s get it checked out , could be something entirly different. r

really, ive had runny room spinning in my head for the last 6days, its getting worse again, and i notice it more when i ly down, this is a new thing for me, and its a bit scarey but never thought of going to doc for it, as they normally just run heaps of tests, or leave it until i see the surgeon again, or he will say, your on the waiting list to see a NL, so just wait for that

i have had vertigo before but his is different, ansd new for me, as far as im concerned, you get new things because somethings changed, i starting having these attacks a day before i started meds, plus the only meds im on, is amitripyline, and only just started, beta-loc, for my heart,
these arent hard drugs and are low dose,
somethings things are as easy as its caused by the problem that you do have,

ive had just about every test you could have, and so far nothing has shown phyically, which only leds brain, But i am unluckly i also have signs of early MS

In new zealand, our health system is much different, and even in other countries, your luckly if you get a good doctor,