Do your Symptoms increase when you have headaches or neck pain?

I have noticed that when I have a headache or neck pains other symptoms seem to follow. I have severe neck pain on the left side of my neck and now my left hand is tingling. Does anyone else experience these issues?

Yes. It seems like that for me also.

I know with my daughter that all her symptoms start with a headache and progress from there… Nausea, weakness, dizziness, numbness etc. I have noticed that if she has a busy day or jammed weekend that an extremely bad day will follow.

It happens that way for me too. My current non-headache symptoms get worse when I have a headache and my new symptoms seem to appear during a headache.

I have that issue . My doc injected botex to relive the neck spasm but I still issues with my left tingles

Yes. I have severe neck pain and I have trouble bending my head back. I also have severe arm pain right on the outside of my biceps on both arms and its hard to lift my left arm. At night is the worst – the pain is so bad I can’t sleep on either of my sides. In addition both of my hands go numb at night, so that breaks my sleep too. It has gotten so that when i hold the phone up to my ear my hand goes numb. My body ache so bad at night I’m awaken in my sleep throughout night. It has gotten so that I don’t enjoy going to bed because my body hurt just that much. My headaches are not bad; they have just started but they are mild. It’s also getting difficult to walk up stairs. I’m so out of breath just going up a small flight of stairs. I am always tired and don’t seem to have any energy.