Do you have dizziness.... If yes, what type of dizziness

My main symtoms are dizziness, on/off headaches and vision disturbance.

My dizziness can be very mild to moderate. BUT even on the very mild days, all I have to do is start

moving my head/neck around and I feel dizzy. Or go to the mall and start looking around at everything. That makes me dizzy to.

I get lightheaded once in a while, but the above dizziness is not lightheaded/or spinning vertigo.

anyone else have dizziness like this, and if so, does yours ever completely go away?

Mine doesn't! ugh......

Im just trying to figure all this out. I was dx with vestibular migraine, but the Chiari symptoms best relate to me and I do have a 3mm low lying tonsils. Who knows if that is even correctly measured.

Im in Oregon where doc's dont have a clue about anything related to dizziness.

thanks, K

I have dizziness. The type of dizziness that makes you feel lightheaded not spinning. Mine comes and goes. It always happens when I try to bend down and pick up something and continous neck and head movement.

anyone else want to describe their dizziness.... please

Hi kgirl, I take maxolon and stemetil for dizzyness and general sickness. I get what I call the spins at any time ie sitting watching tv, walking around etc. I don’t know the trigger. Feel like the room is spinning and that I am going to fall down…which does happen! all I know is that I push my self too much I will get full on vertigo, which for me is two weeks in bed unable to watch tv, read or really do anything. I am in Ireland so I don’t know if the meds are the same but they do help me but don’t completely rid me of it.

Hi Kgirl, I get bad vertigo, even while sitting I feel like I am falling. It makes me nauseated. When I lay down it feels like I keep falling backwards. I found that meclizine (sp) helps with the bad vertigo. I usually have to take it 3-4 days straight then I go back to my usual weird stuff: suddenly lose balance for no apparent reason, the floor feels like it moves, walking and needing to touch the walls or furniture. Every now and then I will feel like I am floating, when this happens I usually have tunnel vision too. Sudden turns or head movement sets me spinning. My middle school coach kept asking me if my head was screwed on we know it wasn't!

Hi kgirl. I do get the vertigo, room is spinning.. tends to get worse for me when I am lying down.

But I also have this thing.... I guess it's dizziness.... It kinda feels like my brain is moving around in my head or something. It's really hard to explain. I will have it, like today... all day, but it gets worse if I move my head or look around with my eyes. If I sit stationary, head against something, like a high back chair, and look straight forward then it's not as bad.

I don't know if this makes sense to you or not, but I hope it helps, if it's the same thing you have going on, to know you aren't alone.

Hi everyone. I did have spinning vertigo/bppv twice. Thank gosh I have not gotten it again, its horrible.

My dizziness is spinning. I just feel off, and a sensation of movement at times. Again not spinning vertigo.

I do understand the "moving" inside the head feeling. I get that to when I go to bed. I have the lightheaded dizziness now and then upon standing, and the fullness from bending forward.

I also feel wobbly once in a while, but even on those days my balance is pretty darn good.

I have a down beating nystagmus as well.

The dizziness is annoying and hard to describe at times.

Thanks for your input!!


Pre-op I would get a very odd feeling of light-headedness. I would describe it as fuzzy, not right, feeling odd. I didn't feel the vertigo or sense of spinning many describe, but just a general sense that my balance or ability to understand where my body was in space wasn't as good as it should be.

Most days, I wouldn't trust myself to drive because of the dizziness. I also was very cautious about walking outdoors if the terrain was uneven, saving hilly walks for days where my head felt more normal.

I only experienced this during the weeks immediately pre-op, so I never had any meds for the situation.

Post-op (only five weeks and a few days) this is GONE. Head feels totally normal.

I get lightheaded type dizziness. I feel foggy and off balance. I run into things more often. Can't wear any type of heel. It's just disorienting. It comes and goes. Some days are a lot worse than others.

Hmmm, mine is so different than all ya all. I love driving, it makes me feel normal. And I go for walks 40min a day outside and it make me feel somewhat better. Guess everyone is different, but mine is way different.

My 10 year old felt like she was spinning and the room was still. It would get worse as the time passed and then just go away after a few days. Since her surgery (5/15) she has no com

Sorry no com

Uuugggghhh just one of those days no complaints of dizziness! Phew