Has anyone applied for disability? I had surgery in October of 2011. I had a stroke the day after surgery. I had to learn to walk, talk, write, etc all over again. I still get horrible headaches. I have to use a cane or walker because of balance issues. I have insomnia Vision problems. Short term memory loss. I fall all the time and i pass out. I am married with five children and have always had a full time job till I had surgery. I didn't apply for disability till Oct of 2012 cause I planned on going back to work. I was denied the first time and now have to appear in front of a judge in July I am scared cause this judge hold the future of my family in his hands. I am only 34 and I love working ( I am not the stay at home mom type) but now I can't even drive. The state of Michigan took my drivers licence due to my symptoms. If anyone has any advice please respond.

I was going to ask the same question. I had decompression surgery last year June 12th. I am a bit better off but a few weeks a go I fell flat on my face infront of my daughter :(. I am starting to have vision issues and the fatigue is awful.My balance is off too. My hubby and I have talked about me getting disability but I have been putting it off. I am 35. I can still drive but I don't know how much longer because my left side is getting weaker and my vision is getting worse too. I am going to try and see a cardiologist for my heart issues and I don't know how I can get my Doc. to asses my joints for possible EDS. I live in Indiana. I have seen some posts and they suggest a lawyer since it is a long process. Good luck .

I agree with Liz. Definately make sure you get a good Lawyer. I live in Michigan also and I haven't applied myself, but a friend of mine just went through this a year ago and like you she got denied on the first try. She did not have a good Lawyer and got denied at her hearing on her second attempt. However, she did not have even close to the limitations and disability you are experiencing and she had no face to face contact with her Lawyer until 15mins before her hearing. Her Lawyer was based out of Chicago and flew in for the hearing, and I'm not sure if there is anyone based in Michigan that can help but I would suggest finding someone here who you feel comfortable with and will explain how the proccess works so you'll know what to expect. I have read on this site somewhere that there is a group that helps work with members of Bens Friends applying for dissability and it sounds like they are very knowlegable about CM...check the resource tab at the top of the page for the link. I am sure you will get approved and wish you the best.