Hi guy’s i’m new to this but anyway I have been denied disability since I was 5 right now my disability decision is up in the air because when I went before the judge she basically called all of my doctors incompetent and didn’t believe a word I had to say when she let me get a word in edgewise I just want to know if there are other people out there with this problem and how they won there disability and how long it took them at this point I can barely afford to go to my doctors appointment’s and my mom is still my caretaker at the age of 21 it’s hard but it’s nice to connect with people who share my struggle

I have no idea how these things go in the US, I live in Latvia. I actually have no idea how it would go here. I was diagnosed when I was in highschool. I was struggling with symptoms daily and sports( in english you call it differently) was the most difficult. And then, around 8 years ago, I could not even get out of sports with the Chiari diagnosis. So my family doctor( also called differently in english) relieved me from it officially because I don't really see with one of my eyes. Although I didn't feel at the time the eye was standing in the way. I had to get the doctors note for it every year and one time she said (in angry tone) something like how she has to lie for me, as if I was responsible for having health problems which our health system doesn't understand. As if it was harder on her than it was on me.

There is a user naspeers who got disability. Try messaging her( when receiving private message, a member should get an e-mail, if the option isn't unchecked).

I hope someone can help you in this difficult situation.

Stay strong! You will get through it! :)