Decompression Surgery

I am scheduled to have my Decompression Surgery on Feb. 7th, can someone tell me what to expect after the surgery?

My experience was fine…3 days in ICU and then straight home…I was in pain for about a week or two. I went back to school 3 weeks later…it took me a full year to totally recovwr but I also had sm surgery. I was young so I healed quick and steafast.

This is a really hard question for us to answer since all of us have had different recoveries and different things done during surgery. I guess all I can tell you is to expect some pain (but the pain meds help keep it under control, so take em as your doc tells you to) and to rest as much as possible and listen to your own body and do whatever you need to do to recover. Every situation is unique (so is every hospital and ns) and some people spend more time in the hosp and others go home right away (a few days), the best thing to do is talk to your ns about what is being done and what to expect after surgery.

I prepared for the worse and was pleasantly surprised when it was not near as bad as I had anticipated. I was only in ICU overnight and in a regular room one night before I was released. My recovery has been very smooth. Just remember to listen to your body and rest all you can.

Good Luck!


Thank you for the info., I really appreciated it. I am looking forward to getting this done and over with. It feels like my headaches are getting worst everyday. Once again thank you for your response.


I spent a week in hospital and then a month to recover, i was readmitted once to have a spinal tap but other than that is ran smoothly. Rest lots and just know your limits. Goodluck, will be thinking of you on the 7th!!