Decompression Surgery with a baby at home

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had gone through decompression surgery with little kids at home. My son is 10 months old and still being breastfed but my neurosurgeon said I can’t postpone any longer.

How is the recovery? Would I be able to hold and feed my son if he is handed to me sitting down? I’m so worried about him through this process, he doesn’t understand what is happening.

I have a CM1 with a 22mm herniation with every symptom possible lol

Thanks in advance

Hi there
I had my surgery when my kids were little. Yes, you will be able to hold him after surgery but you will need to ask if you can breastfeed him with the medications that you will be on. If there are concerns with that,you may want to pump during that time to keep your production going. At 10+ months he is eating other food so you are no longer the main source and you may want to look at this as the end stage of the weaning that you have already started.

I would strongly encourage you to have live-in help for 1 month at least then regular assistance for as long as you need. Your focus should be healing/recovery from a major surgery and focusing on positive interactions with your little guy and husband. Initially, you will not feel up to being a domestic goddess. Let others do all those tasks.

Yes you can just try to get some help from family as well thought a bit taught but you will be able to look after tiur baby sort yourself with the ops.