Decompression surgery and breastfeeding - has anyone?

Hi again all
It appears I’m becoming a serial question asker here! It’s just so good to be able to seek out others who have/are experiencing the same things I am. 2 months ago I had never heard of chiari and now just today I find out if I’m to have the surgery. I’m really hoping not as I really do think my symptoms are manageable as long as I don’t have another really bad “flare up” (if that’s what it’s called?!) anyway, I will ask the doc about this but wanted others opinions or experiences if you have gone through the same … I’m currently breastfeeding my baby. Has anyone else been breast feeding and had the surgery, did you continue to breastfeed? Anyone who has undergone the surgery at all (man or women I’m not biased :grin:), given your hindsight, what would you recommend a bf mother do? Hold off surgery until bubs weans, go ahead with surgery and wean him immediately or go ahead with surgery and continue feeding as normal?! Just after opinions I know everyone’s symptoms and recovery are all different. I’m reallu frightened of the surgery and more accurately the recovery (pain, being incapacitated and not being able to actively care for my children while recovering) on a day to day basis my symptoms are manageable with otc pain meds so unless there is complications with a blockage or my Spina bifida meningocele (sp?) I feel confident that the neuro won’t be recommending I see the surgeon again. Here’s hoping! :crossed_fingers:t2: Thanks so much :blush:

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I personally cannot imagine having the surgery while still having a newborn. I get weepy with dread thinking about it. Breastfeeding would be the least of my concerns. If at all possible I would wait until babes is more independent (sleeping well at night with nicely timed naps during the day) and set up firm live-in support for 4 weeks (in addition to any spousal figure), meals shuttled into your home/cleaner, and further support as needed for a good 3 months. Make sure that finances are well established so that there is no undo pressure to return to work before you are ready if that is in your future.

Good luck with whatever comes your way!

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Thank you for your reply :blush: so I had my appt … and I have a bloody csf blockage :tired_face: BUT! good news is, it’s small and they want to monitor it for the time being as they feel it may be resolving rather then developing. So that’s good news right?! If nothing else it buys me more time to feed bubs before having to ween him (poor little guys only 5mth old and a mess when he’s had to have bottles!) so although I’m still not sure where I stand all I know is they aren’t looking at surgery at this stage so given my manageable symptoms, I’m happy knowing they aren’t worried about the impact on my spine :grin: thanks again! :blush:

I am glad you don’t have to have the surgery yet and hopefully not at all (fingers crossed)…I also have spina bifida so I know some of what you are going thru.

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Thank you Mila, much appreciated. I can’t complain about the Spina bifida, the surgeon did an amazing job at birth and I’ve escaped the last 36 with only a massive scar and some numbness in one leg! So I’m very very lucky. I hope you are well. :blush: