Daughter update

well according to the pediatrician the MRI of Katrina was normal, so that alleviates some fears for now, but I think that there is more to it cause the docs office has the unoficial policy of no news is good news. So why did they call to say normal.

Would anyone think that I am crazy for requesting her films and report and going to a NS? I mean she has other neuro symptoms that don't fit into any category. SHe has a urologist who says nothing is wrong and a gastrologist who says the same. I am lost, I know the problems we see everyday with her but the ones only she can tell us about, hell, I suffer from and nobody can see my dizzness, chest pain, numbness, etc...

What do I do?

Hi Michael:)

I would definitely recommend getting copies of her films and the MRI report. Doctors don’t always tell you everything. My doctor failed to tell me about some important findings on my MRI. So…I would definitely take a look yourself and get a 2nd opinion. There may not be anything, but it’s always good to make sure. I hope you and your daughter get the care you need and feel better soon:)


I agree with Crystal. Good luck, I hope you can find out what's going on with your daughter!