Cracking, clicking, popping, hissing, ringing

Does anyone elses ears do this?

I have a constant buzzing in my ears... Sometimes (every few weeks or so) it swells up and drowns out all other noise, making me feel like my ears are numb or deaf.

So Emmaline this went away after surgery? How long ago was your surgery?

I am extremely hypersensitive to sound.I have alot of pressure in my head and ears. I have constant ring, buzzing, ringing. it sounds like a megaphone magnifying the sound but sometimes I dont understand whats being said..

Razzle, I've attempted all the following. I notice high levels of salt have made that worse. Being a dysautonomia patient I was on a high level of salt daily. The hissing and ringing was at its worse during this. The cracking and popping is like its relieving pressure in my head from it. I'm also on no meds. I cant tollerate anything they've thrown at me. Actually I take that back I'm on prilosec otc and singulair. I had talked to my doc that gave them to me and he said those shouldnt cause this.

Glad to hear that! I tell people I have bad and worse days.

funny, the NS I saw today, never even got to this discussion, I TOLD him that my ears have been 'buzzing' since May, but no comment...just said nothing going on with me had to do with Chiari