Chiari pillow

Hi everyone! I was wondering what type of pillow everyone used to help them. I am a year and a half post op and don't know what I would do without my u-shaped travel pillow. My mom has also made a regular pillow that has an indent in the middle with extra cushioning around the sides.

I enjoy sewing, it keeps my mind off how I am feeling, although I have to take a lot of breaks. But I wanted to create my own chiari pillow. I made a u-shaped travel pillow and am in the process of adding a pocket for an ice pack. I saw the one at Bed Bath and Beyond, but that ice pack is farther back on the pillow. I prefer an ice pack to be at the top of my neck close to where my incision is.

What does everyone else think? I want to be able to help other people with chiari and know that a good pillow is a good place to start!!


Jen, I have been thinking of doing the same thing. I have been thinking of designs for some pillows to help. I think for your ice pack idea maybe if you can do it so it's adjustable, then it can be placed where each person likes it. We are all different.

If I recall correctly, at least 3 years ago when I had my surgery, there was someone who sold pillows designed for Chiarians. For me, my pillow requirements are different every night lol so just have lots of pillows on my bed. I keep 7 on the bed at all times. Their firmness and thickness varies.

This is what I was talking about: For me, the shape of a regular pillow isn’t and issue.

i would love to have one,i have a had time tiring to find a comfortable position to sleep in and often wake up often during the night,what you are describing would be wonderful.