Chiari help

I know its a lot but I Need some advice and help
Please note that my writing/spelling is bad from missing so many day in school over my health. I am new and wish i would have found this site back in 2007
Question will be at the end. Thanks in advance for your help and taking the time to read.
Just a little on me… I have

  1. type 1 arnold chiari malformation
  2. Stage 2 kidney disease
  3. neurogenic Bladder and bowel (possible from 2in of fat on my filum terminale or bottom of spine)
  4. Weak muscles from lower back to toes
  5. Weak growth plates in feet
    Now to start off i have known about these problems since i was 7or8 now 25. But the reason i am writing is bc i have concrens. I had surgery in 2007 to open up the foramen magnum to release spinal fulids. I havent been able to find a good doctor since i turned 18. Much love to my St. Louis childrens hosp family. I really didnt want to leave them :slight_smile:
    My headaches got better and life went on. Its 2018 and since about 2014 i have been having BAD mood swings that seem to get worse from crying to pissed to wanting to be alone. I have not wanted to clean house but just an hr or so every other day. I have this spell where if i hold my arms out & looking striaght. I cant see my right arm then i end up with a BAD headache on left side that grows all over and last for several days. Dizzy spells almost daily.
    I took the risk and now have a healthy 10month old and a wounderful man. I just feel like im pushing him out the door. I dont want to lose him my child or my life. I feel like im slowly going crazy. I was never told the Chiari would possibly have a part in my mood.
    My questions is
  6. Does the Chiari give you mood swings? Or do i need crazy meds?
  7. Have you had a 2nd surgery for spinal relase?
    Please any advice will help good bad crazy idc. Im just trying to get to the bottom of this before i lose my family.


I’m sorry you are experiencing so many trials and tribulations. I do not personally find myself experiencing mood swings, but I did watch a video that you might find interesting. It’s CSF Presents “Chiari and the Mind”. Dr. Gerald Grant, at Stanford, suggests that mood disorders, anxiety, depression, etc. can in fact be symptoms.

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