Chiari Doctor in OK that accepts medicaid patients?

I’m looking for doctors in Oklahoma (preferably okc) that accept medicaid patients and knows about CM1. I say doctors bc I also need a PCP that knows anything about CM1. Mine doesn’t know wth he’s talking about and has told me in the past (before I found out on my own that I’d been diagnosed by MRI as having “borderline” CM1 with a 7mm herniation) that my pain, weakness, muscle stiffness, headaches that were debilitating, etc was all in my head.

So, if anyone can recommend a good pcp in Oklahoma I would really appreciate it.

I know you live in Oklahoma but I do want to recommend one of the best Chiari Malformation neurosurgeons in the Country, Dr. Seth Allen Hoffer the only downfall is he is based out of Cleveland Ohio at the University of Cleveland Hospital, but his office may be able to put you in touch with someone that is closer to you. I wish you all the best of luck. 111000 Euclid Ave Cleveland Ohio 444106 office number 216-844-2724

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Dr. Christopher Barry from Edmond did one of my surgeries. I was very pleased with his work. Hope that helps.