Chiari Awareness Walk, A Needed Pick Me Up :)

Hi Everyone!
I’ve found my first pick-me-up in my Chiari Journey, well second pick me up, I’d say the online support groups are my first pick me up :slight_smile:.

While researching more about Chiari Awareness and Support, I stumbled upon how September is Chiari Awareness Month, and during September there are Chiari Walks and Awareness Events Nation wide the whole month.

I’ve joined a team, who has a fundraiser goal, and I have an individual fundraiser goal. All proceeds going towards Chiari Research to help find effective treatments, surgical procedures, and even make steps towards a cure. Now this is a pick me up, because this team is full of ladies who live 6 hours north of me, who have asked me to join their team for the walk, and it’s a pick-me-up to meet others in person, spread awareness, raise funds for research, and have a day full of positivity and fun activities to look forward to. It will feel great to be “normal” for a day, even if it means sucking up my symptoms and bearing and gritting the pain I’ll be in the whole time.

Looking forward to the walk, the activities, meeting new people and making new friends, heres to a positive pick me up throughout the painful, and hard journey that is Chiari :slight_smile:.



Hi Traci,

Despite the fact that sometimes, your condition may make you feel alone, it is events like this that give you a community to relate to. Events like the walk will definately lift your mood because it gives people the opportunity to get involved in something bigger than themselves. It is really inspiring that you are willing to fight through the pain and get involved in the walk for Chiari research.

Take this as an opportunity to expand past this online forum and communicate with others in person that may share your experiences with Chiari. The journey through chiari itself may prove to be extremely rewarding for you through the relationships and bonds that you may form with others.