Chiari and Weight Loss?

Anyone start dropping weight like crazy?

I have always had an extremely hard time losing weight.. and in the last 3 months I have lost almost 30 pounds.. Obviously I don't exercise, due to all the symptoms my appetite has changed, so I don't eat a whole lot when I eat meals.. about 5 bites and I'm done.. Other than that nothing has changed..

Literally everyday someone is saying "Omg you've lost a lot of weight" , I have even had people ask if I was on drugs.. (Really!)

Just curious if anyone else has had this happened? Not even sure if it's Chiari related, maybe it's just the lack of appetite.. Not complaining by any means.. First time in my life I've been able to lose weight, and do nothing.

I have the opposite problem... I gain weight like its no ones business when I'm symptomatic and off work... I think its because I get bored doing nothing and not being able to do anything so I cook and eat instead... when its nice outside I try to get out and walk...I go really slow because I'm out of shape.. but lately its been way too cold outside to do anything.

I'm losing weight, but I'm also on a 1300 calorie a day diet and trying to. I haven't worked out in nearly a month but sticking to the diet is helping me lose about 2 pounds a week. From other research I have done I have seen that Chiari can and does compress the brain stem which is our control center...if that malfunctions so do other body motility in digestion and absorption of food so I suppose indirectly it could be, but I would speak with your doctor about this as extreme weight loss can be a symptom of other things too.


I am not on any medications. Haven't been to the NS yet, So I've been battling my symptoms with advil and excedrine for 6 months now..

I actually thought about doing ensure.

Most mornings I drink a breakfast shake. They taste good, and supposedly have a lot of protein. Its kind of weird, because some days my appetite is through the roof, others it non existent. I am also having lots of bowel problems. Which i hear can be caused from the malformation, but I've always had this kind of problem so I'm not sure. Not eating good could cause it, ot maybe I'm not eating good because of it..