Staying in Shape

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all are having a wonderful, pain free day!! I was just wondering what everyone does to stay in shape. Before I was having serious symptoms I was athletic and kept in shape. After kids and getting the Chiari diagnosis I have gained a good 75 pounds. I was on Weight Watchers before my official Chiari diagnosis (when I was in the "crazy" period) and lost 30 punds. I signed up again the other day, but I am tired of the yo-yoing. My NL and my NS suggests that I loose weight, saying every pund extra on my body in another pound of pressure on my brain. Now that I have had decompression surgery I want to get my life back on track (healthy), so I will keep from having future issues with Chiari and EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome). So, I was wanting some suggestions from my Chiari Family. My Mother recently had "The Pocket" surgery for weight reduction and her Dr. keeps asking her if I am going to have it done, but I really am not ready nor do I really want to have another surgery. Especially one that is elective. So tell me...what are your secrets??

Much Love and Blessings,


HEY CRYSTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have perfect timing...I just got home from my appt with rehab doctor...he is a with folks like us..and people who have some kind of condition that hinders their lifestyle.

Anyway..we had a long talk about weight and exercise. I am not overweight...but I have no muscle mass..which is we can up with a plan that i go to the community center and walk on the treadmill...b/c I have been having frequent falls(thats what brought me to him in the 1st place)...he feels as though walking on treadmill x4 wkly and using light hand weights for upper body.

Now..for me...I have been to a nutritionist in the past and this is the plan she told is a healthy way to eat for if you need to loose long as you exercsie.

Breakfast: 1 fruit, 1 starch(1/2english muffin) 1 protein(1 tablespoon of peanut butter)

Mid morning: fruit of choice..plenty of water

Lunch: 1/2 sandwich on whole grain bread...(I like the 'rounds' by Arnold) 1 protein..(such as turkey) and a veggie..which I use lettuce and tomato on the sandwhich...again 1 fruit of choice....and a dairy..I HATE I use low fat 100cal yogurt.

Mid day snack..veg. or a fruit..i like raw baby carrots

Dinner: 1 protein(grilled/baked chicken..the size of a deck of cards) 1 veg..1 small baked potato...again..1 dairy and a fruit.

Now..I would be a liar if I told you I followed this....But , once again...good timing on your part..b/c doc and i spoke about my eating....I will be your getting in shape buddy, ok??? I need to do the right things is so important to be balanced in life...I am not too good at balance!!!!!!

I hope this may have helped ya a bit.



OK LADIES…IT’S A DEAL…We we all get in shape together…GO TEAM!!!

I am so glad that you guys are with me on this. Have any of you spoke to your NL or NS about what kind of exercise you can do? Iwas told by mine that treadmills are a BIG "no-no" for me. I have EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) along with Chiari, so I'm not sure if it is because I have that combo or if it for all Chiari Patients? I was thinking of an Eliptical, because I reall don't like biking and that is what my NL had reccomended on a stationary bike. Maybe I will pay a visit to the Nutritionist, couldn't hurt. My NL also said Weight Watchers was the only diet he would recommend. I just need the modavation I guess, but I am still recovering from my decompression surgery, so maybe in a couple of weeks I will feel more up to it. My mind just feels so good right now that I want my body to feel that way too. Maybe we should check on eachother to see how we are doing, just to keep eachother going?? Good Luck Ladies!! I know I'm going to need it.

Much Love and Blessings,


Good idea , Crystal...we check on each other....i think that will help keep us motivated. My insurance paid for a nutrionist...I got a lot out of it...just gotta do it!!!!!!!



Ok then…it’s a deal!! The Three Muskateers…so far…Let’s Do It!!! :o)



Well - I'm not in shape so can't talk staying in shape yet! I have gained weight the last couple of years because I have done a lot of sitting on my bottom while I recovered from all the surgeries and I'm on a lot of medication which causes weight gain. I'm diabetic too and that makes it more difficult. On the morning after my Chiari surgery the doctor sat on the foot of the bed and said when you get out of here, I want you to start walking a mile a day. And - I said - "you've got to be kidding" But - he wasn't. I have been doing it at least two or three days a week. I'm fortunate I can walk on the boardwalk where there are benches if you need to rest. I rest once each direction to get my "sea legs" back as I call it. There are lots of sea gulls and ducks to watch as I walk and I love listening to the waves flapping up on the shore. I also do water therapy. I try and do it a couple of days a week. More than anything it has really helped with my balance and strength in my legs. When I first started doing it before my surgery, I was very dizzy in the water. Now I can do it AND the water doesn't look like it''s swirling. I used to have to hold on when stepping up on something and now I can do it by myself. Strenthening the legs has really helped a lot with balance and strength. I haven't lost any weight yet, but I haven't gained any either for a long time.....still waiting on the weight doctor says I need to drink more water. That is supposed to help with weight loss.

Good luck Julie.....I'm routing for you....and others too. Maybe we can help each other.....this is a good start.



Oh good discussion! I think we could all help each other:)

I need help getting back on track too.

After high school...I started working out. I got into great shape and started eating right all that good stuff. Then my depression kicked in, I started smoking cigarettes, went through a bad break-up, all my meds changed. You name it. Basically I stopped going to the gym and stopped eating right. Now I'm a lazy bum. I am sleeping all day. I can't seem to make myself get out of bed before 12noon no matter how many alarms I set/where I set them. I don't eat anything until dinner time after I get to work so my first meal is 4-5pm...then I'm eating something when I get home after 10-11pm. Then I go to bed at like 2 am and do it all over again. I do drink a lot of water already. I drink about a liter a day.

Of course Abby...the more the merrier!!!

Abby said:

I need to loose a few, can I get in on that too?

Everyone is welcome!! We NEED eachother in more ways than one and together we can help eachother. We all have something great to contribute!! Here's to us getting healthyER!!

Good Luck Everyone and I'll be here to cheer you on!!

Much Love,


Ok Everyone I took the liberty to start a group for us, so please sign up so we can keep the positive energy going. Wishing you all LUCK!!! I know we can do it!!

Hi all, I haven't been on this site in about a year, since I joined. I am a little over two years out of decompression surgery. I do get headaches with some exercises, but was back to figure skating 6 months after surgery. I was skating 1-2 times a week, but have a hip condition (hip impingement) and had surgery for that 10 weeks ago. This will keep me from skating for at least 6 months, but more likely 9. I am worried about gaining weight, I am borderline overweight already. I really enjoy physical activity. Prior to surgery I was at the gym three times a week, plus skating two times a week, I was even seeing a personal trainer and they really push you.

I do generally feel much better after surgery, but still get pressure headaches. I think a lot of my headaches were from pounding while walking, also lifting or pushing. I did get an elliptical for the house, but since my hip surgery I can't use it for more then 10 minute without a lot of hip pain.

Two major surgeries in two years...that's a lot on the body. I have been telling myself that I get headaches without exercise, and when I do exercise the headaches eventually go away, lol. I guess I am picking my poison for that moment.

Of course I have heard, that eating right is what really matters when you want to lose weight. So I plan on eating better too. Good luck to all.

hi allllllllll

me tooo, i need to lose alittle of weight,

i walk, (havent for awhile due to pain) i normally walk, 4nights aweek for about an hr, i never lost weight though, i think the drugs dont help, but felt better anyway,

i cant lift weights not even canned food, it makes my head hurt, so please be careful lifting anything to heavy,

i find dancing around the home with my kids great, i also like to garden, its amazing how much energy and the type of muscles you use for that, i also enjoying riding bikes, but its turning to winter here,

im with you on this, this do ready lol ive gotten lazy

yes eat better, it helps plus can help with energy levels, if your anything like me, i grab sweet things when i dont feel well, im trying to boost my body but the wrong way, we are lucky here, we can go apple picking and get freh fruit off the side of road from sellers, so fresh is best, also my sister is a nurtisned (not spelt right) she told me, if its not natural dont eat it,