Chiari and Prednisone

Just curious - I was recently put on a dose (both a shot and oral) of predisone (for poison ivy, YUCK) - that SEEMS to be masking some of my pain. It will be short lived, if in fact that is really what is happening. I am just curious if anyone has experienced this or knows any correlation?

Clearly, I wouldn't want to live on this medicine for life, so I wouldn't see it as a lifetime option...or, maybe its's all in my head??? :)

thanks for your input!


Hi Traci...

I have been on Predisone x2 recently for injuries due to frequent did help with the injured areas but nothing else.

any steroid makes me I hesitated at 1st about even trying it..but it did help.


I go on Prednisone a few times a year for asthma. I always feel better when I'm on it. It gives me manic energy! I wish it wasn't so bad for you or I would take it all the time!

Hi Traci,

I was put on it as well and it did mask the pain, for a total of 8 days to be exact. I started with 8 pills and they'd have me decrease 1 pill a day. Right now though, I'm back to where I started, how about you?


Prednisone is a wonder drug but it is not good for you. My understanding is that in addition to helping to fix what ails you, it suppresses the immune system for quite some time. I've taken it for trouble breathing (asthma) and recently was prescribed prednisone for five days along with pain medication when I went to the ER with sciatica pain. It didn't make that pain go away though. I agree with Jennifer. It does give you a feeling of "being o.k."