Chiari and Botox

I am checking to see if anyone out there has any luck with Botox injections for their headaches, specifically post decompression still having daily head pain?

Hey robin,
I have not personally had Botox for head aches…I know one lady, personally, who had injections for chronic migraines…it did not help her…
Are your head aches more pressure , stabbing pain, throbbing??? Just curious the nature of your head aches…
Someone recently posted a discussion regarding a new medication regime which included 3 separate medications…Maxalt, Depekote and I believe , tops ax…not sure about the last one…will find it and bump up the discussion…maybe you will find it helpful and possibly can talk to your doc about other options if you decide against the Botox.
Keep us posted on how you are doing.

I was wrong about the topomax…it is Effexor…

Well it’s my husband and since he doesn’t like any kind of online communicating I do it for him. He describes them different now after surgery. Before it was pressure now the pain starts at the back of his head runs up the sides and settles in his temple and sides of his forehead and says its closer to a burning feeling. As far as the three medicines are people having luck with that combo?

Hi Robin,
I have been receiving Botox every three months for almost two years now. It started out on my right arm, leg and back because of dystonia. The my migraines started getting worse so the neurologist recommended them for the migraines as well. They help with migraines (not 100% but I’m allergic to so many meds that I’ll take the relief that it gives!).
The Botox does not help with the Chiari headaches, but do with muscle spasms in the neck, tension headaches and migraines.
I had my decompression/duraplasty/C1-2 laminectomy in 2006. It helped a lot with many of my symptoms. I still get Chiari headaches once in a while but not ofte. The migraines have been with me since childhood. There is a difference between the headaches.

I had Botox for my headaches 3 weeks ago. I am still waiting to see if it has any effect. I am 1 year decompression. My neurologist said that it could take about 3 weeks to work, so I'm hoping to begin feeling it soon (fingers crossed). My sister gets them for her migraines and she has become a new person. I know it is completely unrelated to Chiari, but I was willing and desperate enough to try it for the Chiari headaches because my headaches have not stopped since the minute I woke up from my surgery :( . The injections themselves weren't too bad, just quick pin pricks. I was pretty achy for a few days after, especially in my neck and shoulders, like I had gotten flu shots.

My new NL has suggested Botox for me as well. I go on December 19th for the first round. He said it will help with my headaches and also muscle tension. He will do the injections around my head, forehead, and down my neck where I get huge tennis ball size muscle knots. He seems to think it will be "life changing" HA HA I don't know if I believe that, but I will try anything at this point.