Can't have MRI on neck or spine, need help

Good Morning Everyone,

I have a spinal cord stimulator for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome so I can only have an MRI on my brain and I really need to get a CINE MRI. Is there another way to see the CSF. Headaches/raw throat/vertigo/dizziness for 3 mths straight. Docs say it is not chiari related, you should see the surprise on my face!! lol

Thanks for all of your help & I hope everyone is haveing a low pain day!


CAT Scans..

There is a new medtronic stimulator that allows MRIs of the neck n spine. I had one temporarily placed for 7 days. Now have to decide on the permanent one but I must have cataract surgery first. Fun fun. So i suppose if there is no other way ,you could have the one u have replaced with the newer one.