Can Chiari cause pain without a blockage of spinal fluid?

ok so here is the real question? After several doctors the when I finally think I have gotten somewhere with a NS is all seems to come down to the cine MRI. The NS has taken all my symptoms very serious and even after seeing my MRI showing my Chiari but when the CINE came back showing no blockage he wasn't sure that chiari was the cause of all my symptoms. So I wander now is can a Chiari malformation cause symptoms without a blockage like headaches, neck pain, etc..? I also have herniated dics in my neck and I also have seizures but I can't help but think that these things must be related to this since I see that so many of you have these same things. I have recieved steroid injections in my neck to block the nerves to help with the neck pain but it has not done anything to help with the neck pain or with the headaches. I am on a high dose of tompamax and that has helped with some of my other symtoms but also has some other side effects that are hard to deal with. My NS has kind of written me off now though and I really don't know if I should just stop trying to seek any treatment for Chiari or just treat the symptoms for it. As far as he said I am just to be monitored by my NL but the thing is I am even worse then I was before and I really haven't gotten any help on what to do. Maybe my pain is just from the herniated disc but I wander why the steroid injections did not help then and why i have such bad headaches. So it comes down to this main question, does a chiari malforation cause symptoms without a spinal fluid blockage? My herniation is 7mm herniation but my cine mri showed no blockage. Any input would be much appreciated. Thank you so much!