Are my struggles the same as everyone else?

Hi all,

Sorry I been gone for awhile.......and I thank you for all of your replies to previous posts. As all of you, I am struggling each day with numbing and tingling of arms and legs, blurry vision, headaches, fatigue...........the list goes on

I had surgery in 2014 and was told I have permanent nerve damage, which was tough to hear!!

I work 40 hours a week.....but that is pretty much all i can get done along with basic chores. I find myself totally exhausted at the end of my work day and I need to take a nap when I get home from work each day

I was wondering if others are having that same problem? Does work pretty much drain you as well? (i do desk work, not much physical)

Are most of you working? I read that many people cannot even work (so I guess i should be thankful i can work :)

Is there anyone else who has had the surgery and then still had symptoms persist and been told they have permanent nerve damage?

Has anyone had any luck treating permanent nerve damage and what worked? if anything

Thank you all sooooooooooo MUCH!!!!

I really need some support......i am having a rough time of it


Hi, Shane! Sorry you got permanent nerve damage!

As far as I know, there is nothing that can be done for it. I guess it's somewhat similar to scar tissue in the skin ormuscle- if it has formed, you can not turn it into normal skin or muscle. The only thing prommising about treating permanent nerve damage that I have heard, is stem cells. I remember watching a documentary on youtube a year or two ago about stem cells, and there was something about a scientist in a wheelchair ( spinal cord injury) who had found something promissing in the stem cell field that could sone day treat his spine! Now that I'm talking about it, I want to watch that doc again. If I find it, I'll post the link. Stem cells are supposed to some kind of a mirracle cure! :)