Anyone else?

I have this weird thing that I’ve never found anyone else who this happens to. I get heartburn about five days a week when I’m upright, but when I lay down flat (with no pillow) it goes completely away. With a flat pillow it is mild heartburn. I was just curious if this is an only-Amy-cause-she’s-weird thing or if it is related to possible Chiari.


I used to have heartburn that was worse when I was up, too. Or at least I thought it was heartburn. I went to the doctor for an endoscopy of my stomach and it was determined that I have acid reflux and stomach lining irritation. They think the irritation is from the meds that I take. Anyway, they put me on meds for the stomach problems and the pain continued. Eventually, I had an ultrasound of my gall bladder and it was discovered that I had gall stones. I went in right away for surgery to remove my gall bladder. The intense pain is gone now, but I do still get heart burn on occasion from the acid reflux. I guess I am trying to say, are you sure that it is just heartburn? Have you mentioned it to your doctor? If it goes away when you lay down, I would suspect it may not be heart burn at all. I don't know, but please ask your doctor about it:)

Have a great night's rest,


normally heart burn gets worse when lying down,

i also suffer from head burn, it just gets bad, and i also have gallstones,

i still have my gallbladder, i didnt want to pay 7000.00 to get it out, plus i knew my pain wasnt from that,

it pays to do the ruleout game with tests, atleast you can say it was looked at.

also i found that when i started exercising and eating well it all started to stop, and now i get reflux really bad when ive eaten badly,



some meds can cause heart burn....just a thought.