…I went to the hospital last night. We were at the drive in. I was reading on my fone while watchn the movie. Suddenly I felt like I was gunna puke…then I felt everything go dark and I passed out hunched over in the driver seat. It dint last long…I could barely open my door and I crawled onto the ground …where it was cool. I was sweating. Geoy got my sister. My legs and arms were tingling and my hands were cramped up…Kids all loaded up and jerry drove us to the er. Er said it was hypervenalation from anxiety…I said I have chiari and wonderd if it was that cus my neck has been sore…doc said he don’t think so but dint seem to know what it was exactly…when leaving the nurse said tell my nuerosurgeon when I see him cus LG ER don’t know enuff and can’t help me with that. he said he does think it was anxiety because I was reading info about chiari when it happened. I’m shaky still…and scared. Passing out and not using my hands was scary. Jerry drove us all home I fixed something to eat and went to bed.

I’ve been very upset since by diagnosis on Monday…which was found during my Mri looking for headache issues and my ear problems…

Was this passing out anxiety or can it be the chiari?
I’m scared and need some comforting. They also suggested I stop reading bout chiari online.

Doesn’t sound like anxiety to me. The tingling hands would be a warning sign for it being chiari related. I would call or talk to you ms for sure. I’m so sorry you went through that. This whole thing can be so scary. We’re here if you need to vent more. Big hugs…

Poor you! That is horrible. I have experienced fainting at times. Hearing that you have any type of disease can cause a lot unrest. I am very sorry that you are going through this.

Virtual hugs, Tina

Hi. Do I think this was anxiety induced? No. Tingling in your extremities isn't caused by anxiety. When in doubt, drs. call it that. Not surprised that the ER drs. knew nothing about Chiari. When I went to the ER, the drs. there didn't even know how to pronounce or spell it. Crazy!! Do you have anxiety from your diagnosis? Possibly. Only your Neurologist or NS can truly answer that. I'm not a dr and I don't want to give you medical advice, but I will tell you from personal experience, my nerves are shot from having this illness. As a matter of fact, this past week in particular has been pretty bad. I've been really fatigued to the point of feeling like I was going down on my face in the middle of Costco today. That scared me. Luckily, I was with my husband and daughter. Very listless and my head has soooo much pressure. I see a social worker for my Chiari and a pychiatrist. He just prescribed some anti-anxiety meds for me to take. Mild stuff just when I need to take the edge off. Clonzapam (not sure if I spelt this correct) is the med. Us Chiarians need to be careful taking these kind of meds for they can cause seizures. However, I was told I'm put on a very low dosage and I'm only going to take it when i have to. Sorry I went on and on. I hope my story helps a little.

Love, Christine

I don't think it was anxiety at all! That's how I was DX with Chiari. I was working and I passed out. One of the many times after that initial one I had tingling in my hands and feet and then past out. I was also having seizure when I would pass out. They put me on anti seiuzre meds, and that mixed with Lexapro for anixety tended to give me more seizures. I too had to go the ER because of some heart issues. I had to spell Chiari for them. At least when they left the room, they went and looked it up online. You definately need to tell your ns everything that you are experiencing.

Of couse we all have anxiety, who wouldn't after you have been told basically our brains are falling out of your But It's still very frustrating because it seems like NO one knows about this. Where I live there are no support groups. I feel like sometimes I am the only person in St. Louis that has I'm sure though if you need anyone to talk to about this that will understand we are all here for you.