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Has anyone tried CBD oil and making sure that it is pure CBD oil that has been made using the Co2 process. I got the 3000mg CBD oil and it really helped my pain a lot. It also has other benefits in helping issues in your body. I highly suggest trying it. If you don’t know where to get it I can give you the website of the place where I ordered it from. It is expensive but it really helped relieve the pain without any side effects. It also helps one to be calm. Now CBD oil does not have the part of the marijuana plant that causes a high feeling. This is just the pure Cannabis oil. I am not suggesting anything that is a drug as the CBD oil does not have the THC in it which is the part of marijuana that causes what they refer to as a “high”. Again, I am posting to threads that I hope my experience can be helpful to. I feel that I want to give back as many people have helped me along the way. So, again I hope this information is helpful to all of you.

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Delta 8 cbd oil does have some THC in it bhut if Marijuana is legal in your state than you should be able yo use delta 8 cbd oil. It is a Mimiracle for pain.

I don’t know if I’m asking this in the right category but I need help.
I’ve had 3 decompression surgeries and a C1 and C2 laminectomy. Lately, my hands and legs have been shaking. Has anyone else experienced this? Please help! Any suggestions as to what it could be from?
thank you so much