A poem i wrote about Chiari,hope u like

“It’s all in my head”

My head hurts,

The pressure the tightness,

The aches and the migraines

For me it’s the same day after day after day after day…

Some days I can walk a little more straight

But today isn’t one of those days

I’m clumsy

I fall

Its as if my feet just come undone

Through so many battles in my life I’ve overcome

But this battle here

Its like no other one

My neck is in a constant ache

I stand up I feel dizzy

Sometimes I even faint

My visions blurred

The ringing in my ear

Makes me wish I couldn’t hear

I’m tired

I’m weak

Yet I can never really sleep

When I’m alone

Like now

The tears begin to swell

And well…

One just fell

I can’t cheer for my sons

When they win their soccer games 10-1

The pain any strain causes is next to none

To leave the house is a task in its self

I’m too weak

But too proud to shout it out

My thought process is well…

To say the least

Not at it’s best

I’m a poet

I write It’s what I do best

But when I can’t find the words

This makes me more stressed

My speech is slurred

And all too often I forget

My body feels old

But I’m still young

I’m only in my 30”s

Please, please

Let this pain be undone

With my husband and kids

I wanna have fun

I’ve always been the strong one

And this to shall pass

This is my new life,

Yes things have changed

Since the diagnosis

I know I’m not insane,

I was told by a Dr its all in my head

Here take these its for the anxiety he said

But now the scans have shown

My head, my brain is abnormally grown

So yes

Yes it is all in my head

It appears my brain is too large for my head

Chiari Malformation

Is what my new Dr said

Danielle Hancock


Dear Danielle.....

I am printing this poem ...beautifully written!!!!! Many thanks for sharing your thoughts in written word.

Hope you have a good long w/e!



That is beautiful Danielle!!

thank u for the comment about my poem.i hope it helps u better explain Chiair 2 people,since ive wrote it,its helped me so much!

Thank you Danielle for sharing your gift of words. It means a lot to read what someone is going thru that is very heartfelt. Do we have permission to share this with others?



Thankyou for writing a meaningful poem i had tears rolling down my cheeks reading it. well said my friend well said xo

I wish everyone I know can read this poem so they would understand!


Thank you for putting into words what we all feel at one time or another.


u r so very welcome!

Very well said; beautiful Danielle.

Hey Danielle

I was wondering if I could share this poem in my blog?