Poem by my 14 yr old daughter Sarah

"Being a Teenager with Chiari"

Headaches are the worst!

And homework doesnt help.

theres so much chores that need to be done,

sometimes you wanna yell.

Theres so many choices,

that need to be made.

your struggling in school.

your getting bad grades.

Its like sometimes its easy,

but sometimes its difficult

your friends are always first to raise their hand,

but for you, its just not understandable.

Some days are better,

and some are just bad.

so your forced to just lay there,

and think about what you have.

the doctor teaches you most,

of the scientific terms.

But all it means to your friends is:

"man, that must hurt "

They say: " but you look so normal."

"i would have never guessed!"

"you dont look one bit sick"

"you always look your best!"

All that you can do,

is laugh it off and joke.

But on the inside your scared.

and your face is tear soaked.

you feel like your alone

and noone understands.

you feel like there is noone,

that will reach out a helping hand.

But there is someone out there.

they have Chiari too.

theres plenty of people your age,

whos struggling just like you.

Chiari's a hard diagnosis.

theres so much pain involved.

Pressure, headaches, and faigue.

and medicines youve never even heard of.

you try to live a normal life.

you have so many friends,

they try to support you in every way,

what would you do without them?

your families always there,

to support your every need.

and there always there to listen,

to help do a good deed.

Just remember when your bad days come,

that you are not alone.

God is just a prayer away.

and your friends a click of your phone.

Dont be afraid of Chiari

it only makes it worse,

Just take small steps every day.

even if it hurts.

Everyone has an outlet.

that makes them feel better in a way.

some sing(: , dance or write.

and some play sports everyday.

use that outlet in a positive way,

dont let Chiari make you a victim.

you need to be your own advocate,

look up your own research.

Dont be scared of the future.

and always ask questions.

whenever you think of something,

dont be scared to mention it!

Dont ever be afriad,

to talk to fellow Chiarians (:

their always open to answer questions.

so dont be scared to ask it.

you are strong and your a fighter.

dont ever say your weak.

dont you ever give up on yourself

always reach for that tall peak.

Sometimes you need to swim a little deeper,

love a little stronger

work a little harder

and laugh a little louder.

dont be afraid to live your life,

and do not be ashamed.

Chairi may be tough.

but be strong and wear the name!

By: Sarah Boschert

February 8, 2011

Chiari Malformation Ribbon.

This is Lisas daughter Sarah. I wanted to thank you for liking my poem ! it means alot (:
Abby said:

I am amazed! Out of the mouths of babes! How beautiful! How powerful! How wonderful! She is Wonderful!

Wow that is awesome!!