Colorado For Chiari

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I feel damaged. I feel lost. Iv lost myself. I'm so angry this happened to me. Sep28th 2010 is the day my life changed as I knew it. At this time I was 28 years old with a three year old child and a husband and our dog Bucky.
Five months prior I was diagnosed with Chiari malformation. This dr he told me my problems were all about my anxiety depression. That my facial pain and head pressure headache will go away if I pack up and move to Arizona. Wtf. Really? So my mom and I pushed for that MRI. Wouldn't you know a cat scan wasn't enough they now they let me have the MRI.

So that awful day sep28th2010 I had four surgeries with complications up the yin yang. I almost lost my battle on thanksgiving 2010. I spent three months in two hospitals. To know to feel ones own mortality at the age of 28. I'm at a loss of words. This has forever changed me. I now am week. Scared, not the person I was the mother I want to be. To have a tighty home that I would keep the fun the life sucked right out of me. I'm tired. I want to go home! I don't want this painful part of my life please change it. I have my family I don't want to leave them. My baby Robert a savior. Hailey smart girl. My husband Jason my rocking chair. I don't want to leave you. I love you all soo much. Please understand why I'm so faraway & distant. Time I need time to heal my heart my soul. Please forgive me that I'm not normal anymore.

Im sorry your going through so much. Im here to listen or if you need someone to talk too. I wish living in Arizona would do the trick, if that were the case then I wouldnt have all my issues lol. Ive heard great things about that something you are able to do? Try to stay positive..and keep trying to find different ways that help you to feel better.