7 1/2 weeks post op

I go for my 6 th MRI ( in the past year) tomorrow…trying to pin point what happened 2 weeks ago, and why I am still a little off. When walking I tend to drift to the right, I am still nauseous a lot, and I can’t pass all of my balance test at the dr. My NS has me seeing him every week now. On the positive side my memory seems to be slightly improving ( I have some really good days), and I am not spontaneously falling asleep, although I am still taking a nap during the day. Because I am still not cleared to drive I am losing some weight from the walking.

I hope everyone is having issue free days…you are all in my prayers!


my first question is what type of walking?

how long, how fast and how often?

also im sorry that your getting like that, is it everyday?