5 year old who is 10 days post op

My son had decompression surgery 10 days ago and I have noticed something that I think may be significant. Before his surgery he never ate anything. He did not like the taste of anything and would rarely eat supper. He would just go for the yogurt after supper. Now he is eating anything that is not nailed down and is always talking about how things smell. The other day he was in another room and I opened up a package of chips that had been brought to us by friends when we came home from the hospital....He yelled from the other room and asked what that smell was. I said I don't know, not thinking that it was the chips. He walked into the kitchen and smell around until he got to the chips and said, "Oh, it is just chips." It is like he had never smelled chips before, but to smell them in another room. Is this normal. We really have not seen many changes other than that at this point, but I know it may take months to see the full effect. I do know his hands have not "fell asleep" since the surgery and they were getting the "pins and needles" daily. So glad we had the surgery, but curious about his senses. My husband laughed and said it was like he had some sort of super hero trait, "super smeller".

By the Way, his first post op visit went well. He has not got his stitches out because he is still having some swelling. We are looking for his stitches to come out hopefully on Tuesday.

Thank you so much for posting updates about your son. My daughter who is 12 had an MRI 2 days ago and we have an appointment tomorrow with her NS. She is having a lot of symptoms right now.