4th days postoperative

Tofay has by far been her worst day. I thought because she did so well for the 1st 2 days, that should would be fine. Boy was I wrong. 2 days in ICU and they weened her off morphine on the 3 rd day…she came home that afternoon. I noticed that she started going down hill a little without the morphine. Today has been horrible for her! She says her pain meds aren’t working and it breaks my heart. The NS wrote a prescription for Percocet but I can’t pick u
The script until tomorrow. I hope we can just make it thru the night.

My NS told me day 4 is your worst pain. I hope things look up tomorrow.

Praying for her now In New Orleans!

I’m sorry to hear about how much pain she’s in. Try execidrin for migraines if it’s a headache she’s having. Those worked better for Me than any prescription. I hope she feels better.

Sorry to hear she is so much pain. I will be praying for her to get some relief from the pain.



Someone told me that day 3 was the worst but yesterday was worse that 3 and now 5 is worse than 4. She did so good in the hospital. I just couldn’t believe it. I noticed she started going downhill after they took her off the morphine. I just feel so bad that she can’t get any relief.

Mindy said:

My NS told me day 4 is your worst pain. I hope things look up tomorrow.

Hang in there! Make sure she takes the pain meds as often as she can. If the pain does not get under control soon, call your doctor and/or take her to the ER. I am praying that she starts feeling better soon! I think the pain does get worse when the IV meds are stopped.


I was given Valium and percocet. I found that valium worked the best because it relieved the muscle tension I was having from the surgery.. If she's not allergic to it maybe give the Doctor a call and see if that is a possibility to help with the pain.

I also found the Valium worked the best…I was in the hospital for 8 days and by day 3 my hubby knew when it was time for the Valium…my shoulders were pulled up to my ears.

Sslakemom2 my shoulders were up my ears also I had to get therapy in order for mine to start to loosen up. Sometime now when I go to bed I feel them rising up. But I never used Valium because none of those other meds helped Me. I was in terrible pain when I got home for 2 wks. After the sutures came I out I felt much better.

Dearest Tonya,

So sorry that your girl is in so much pain...but..trust me..it will pass..others here have already mentioned the Valuim for muscle spasms ..it helped me with the neck pain after surgery.

I pray that once you can get the script filled she will feel lots better....I ditto what the others wrote about the Valium...can you call NS and see if he will give her that as well????

How are YOU??? Can only imagine how this is taking its toll on you....Being the mom/caregiver...you MUST be kind to yourself and be aware of YOUR needs...are you eating and getting enough rest???? Worry about you.

Keep us posted.



Lori, you always know the right thing to say. I’ve always said that it is often harder on the care giver than the one that is sick…Tonya, listen to Lori…I began having surgeries when I was 12 and remember how my poor mother always ran herself ragged

Be kind to yourself