4 weeks post op today-a few questions

I'm 4 weeks post op today and had my first muscle spasm this morning..it wasn't too bad, but I was surprised by it happening now. I'm having intermittent tinnitus, which has been mostly absent since surgery, except for a few hours here and there. I have 2 swollen lymph nodes, which have decreased in size since taking 10 days of antibiotics. My NS's office says everything is "normal" except for the lymph nodes, which they sent me back to my PCP to handle. My PCP is also sending me for a month of PT and craniosacral therapy..has anyone had this before? He says due to my Chiari, I have severe muscle atrophy in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I work as a RN, which is very physically demanding. I worked way below optimum capacity for many months prior to surgery and he wants me to go back at 100%..so he will reassess at a month. I've taken no steroids yet, except the ones in the hospital. My NS says if my head pain (mostly left sided behind my eyes) doesn't subside in about a week I will need steroids...UGH... The only other weird thing is sharp pains in my legs..it feels like its in the bones. I forgot to mention this to my PCP..Any ideas?