2 1/2 weeks post op question

I had a good first week recovery. 2nd week was bad with muscle spasms. Now I am suffering with flu like symptoms. No fever, but horrible body aches. Exhausted, not depressed but very down. This is not unusual for me “pre op”. Looking through symptoms and people’s recovery issues I don’t see this with anyone else. I feel better after one pain pill but the body aches and pains soon return. My body temperature is also off the charts. One minute I am freezing and the next I am sweating and feel like I’m burning up! Is this “all part of it” or should I be worried! Felt like this for 3 days now ;( I also am having this uncomfortable ache in my rib cage. Like someone is poking me from the inside. Can’t get comfortable and I’m very restless.

Hey..so sorry..I have been really limiting my online time..It still really makes my head hurt. Did you get past these crazy symptoms? I'm still having pain, still mostly on the left side of my head. I'm going to call Dr. K this morning..I'm so afraid he will want me to take steroids. Did your blood sugar calm down?

I emailed you my cell number..we can text some too..I'm limiting time with my iphone as well..it's so bright.

Hope you are better!


I'm with Beeba. It could be the meds. Also have you tried to cut back on the meds? My friend had surgery and when she tried to scale back pain meds she got very sick with body aches. Her doctor said some people are more sensitive and will have withdrawal symptoms when they attempt scale back.

I can't say what it's like to recover from Chiari surgery but I can respond to recovery from surgery in general. I have an addictive personality and OCD. It is not uncommon for me to go through withdrawals from pain medication after one day. I always plan to taper or just stop but my body doesn't listen. I usually for two days feel like I have the flu. I sleep most of those two days and feel absolutely horrible. I should know by now what it is but each time I think it's not going to happen. I always have to taper off the pain meds, I also use Ativan to help with the withdrawals. I'm not sure if that is what you're going through but think it might be since you feel better when you take a pain med? I hate taking pain meds when I'm not in pain but for me it's the only way to avoid the withdrawals. It sounds a lot like withdrawals I hate it because I feel like everyone is judging me or thinking I'm just taking them longer because I want to. The pain in the ribs I usually get if I sit in a position too long. Mine usually goes away quickly though. I hope this helps?


Thanks guys :wink: I went to my family Dr today as I woke up through the night with severe swollen lymph nodes. They took blood and should get results by tomorrow. Arghhhh… It’s never ending!

Sorry! Yuck. My daughter went in for swollen lymph nodes a few months ago. Then a few days later they said she had Mono! I swear for awhile I would get something new every week. I got to the point of just expecting something every week.

Where are the lymph nodes? I have one at the base of my neck I went to my PCP and just finished 10 days of antibiotics … It’s smaller but not gone so going back :frowning: How is your pain?

They are visibly swollen in my neck. The dr said all my lymph nodes are swollen in my body as I am in severe pain. Under my arms, legs, tummy etc. the pain is bad until I take ibuprofen and naco. My neck is really stiff and I have a headache. ( different to chiari headaches). Should get my blood work back today. I have blisters on both sides of my lips also. My kids have had a bad cold and cough for a week so I’m hoping its related. They did a blood test for meningitis and I may have to go get a test on my spinal fluid today. They also tested for mono. Did they do blood work on you? Is the swollen area painfull to the touch?I basically feel like I have been hit by a train!

Let us know how your tests come back! I have chronic mono that flares up on occasion and I had a big flare about 4 weeks post op. Mono makes your lymph nodes very big and very sore. You'll be extremely tired. Mono is unpleasant but goes away on it's own with rest! Hopefully meningitis isn't a concern for you! I hope you feel better soon!

BTW...which side of your ribs has the pain? Mono can make you spleen swell which is on the left side under the ribs. In some cases it could make the liver swell which is on the right side, but left side pain is much more common.

Mine is painful to the touch. I, too have headaches, different from Chiari headaches, still alot of visual sensitivity. He didn't do blood work. He said it was possibly a rogue bacteria that caused it, but if it was not gone to go back to him..so back I go. My neck is a little stiff, about like when I saw you at Dr. K's. Is yours still as stiff as then or worse?. I have no blisters or body aches..and a spot near my incision that I think may be another lymph node...

Please let me know what your testing reveals. I'm supposed to go back to work March 6...I don't see how that's possible at this point~ What about you?

Oh my gosh, I hope you feel better soon! I just wanted to throw it out there that when I stopped taking steroids, which was sometime in the middle of week 2 of my recovery, I got stabbing pain in my hips, thighs, and knees. Only lasted / days thank goodness, but was severe enough to prompt me to go to the ER at the time.

Get some rest!

My blood work came back and they said it was all normal apart from the mono test. She wants me to go in again to test one more time. She said it was quite unique and wants to be sure. Not sure what she means but I love this Dr and I trust her. My blood cultures will be back today so I should find out if I have any kind of bacterial infection. I have developed a severe cough so I’m thinking its just a common cold or virus. My white blood cell count was off which she said indicates in fighting some sort of infection. We will see :wink: Thanks for your support!