4 days post op

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to send out a quick update. I had my surgery o Friday morning and all went as planed. I did not expect the pain to be near as bad as it was though. It took several trials before we found a combination that really worked for me. I am only a few days out out of surgery, but I do have some questions/complaints. My eyesight has gotten really bad. It seem s as though I can cover one eye and see fine, but both together makes everything blurry and difficult to read. I am also typing so may errors. It is driving me crazy. Does anyone have any experience with these symptoms after surgery? The vision changes are really bothersome.

Also, what are some huge NO NO's after surgery?

I am aware of not using straws. (does anyone know why?)

Hello NIcole,

Your in hospital story sounds much like mine: My surgery was Oct 24

I wasn't told not to used straws, in fact I used it one for my water while in the hosp.

if you're on the computer 4 days post-op I think is a good thing!

I think a lot of your questions are answered in the fact that they gives pretty strong medicine to manage our pain and that explains why we are still kind of "out of it"

it took me WEEKS to type even half-way normal- I would type the same word twice in a sentence and even type sentences that were just "goofy"

I struggled for almost 6 week to think somewhat straight, I was emotional, staggered a lot and really said some goofy things for weeks. My Doc took me off Topomax completely and things stated to get better. I can tell I still have a ways to go!

Realize this: (I'm still trying to) we just had major surgery on our brain after suffering with a very serious condition! It is going to take time for our bodies to heal and for the surgery to do what it was intended to do.

Some people on here it seems like walk out of the hospital and are ready to run marathons; and then there are folks like us that take longer to get back on our feet. I wish I was a lot further along than I am, but 90% of the time I know i'm better but just not completely healed yet.

Keep good communication with your Doc, and let him know if you have any concerns- Keep the faith!