18 days post op... Steroid question again

Ugh another question for you… If you remember my doc put me back on steroids after coming home for two days. I had major pressure when standing or sitting and debating ER stuff it was so bad…

So here we are again. I am weaned off the steroids, took the last one Thursday and been miserable since then! I was doing good, no headaches and doc was impressed with my range of motion at follow up.

Yesterday and today the pressure is back in a big way. I had what I used to call a “major migraine” yesterday and ended up in bed all day it hurt so bad. And still not sleeping at night. This morning I wake up to the samething, whether I go from sit to stand or stand to sit I get that horrible pressure build up feeling in my head. The back of my head which hasn’t bothered me now feels like some one hit me with a baseball bat and you can see the swolleness in my neck//shoulders/back area and very tender to touch.

Could this once again still be inflammation and from stopping steroids? My range of motion isn’t good any more either I can barely turn because my neck is that swollen.

So I don’t know what’s going on! I hate going from feeling good with progress and noticing a difference. A k to feeling horrible and miserable and in pain!

He also took me off Robaxin so no muscle relexers. He said just stop not even to wean off the 1500mg I took every 8 hours. Well I’ve been on different kinds of years and took flexoril nightly before surgery. So I used my own judgement on those and have just been taking one instead of two, one at night one in morning. And I should have enough to get me down to only one a day and then stop. But I will see my doc before then any way.

Any suggestions? Could it really be the steroids causing me problems again? Or it is welcome to the real healing process and being stiff and miserable all over again?


Pressure is normal for me. In my head and lower Occipital area and behind my eyes. Ask your Dr about Occipital Neuralgia. It can be causing the pressure and stiff sensation. There are medications that can help and nerve blocks. I really don't think it has anything to do with steroids.The steroids just are making things shrink while you are on them. You should stay on them. They are not at all good for your entire system.

Ok well I have my robaxin 500’s and flexoril 10mh and baclofen, should I try one of those?

The pain meds aren’t touching it and neither is the Valium. And i just fell asleep in the chair which isn’t normal for me lol