Hi everyone. I know that I'm somewhat new to the site and to the entire Chiari community, but I thought I would just throw this out there.

I have seen the term zipperhead used a few times, when referring to someone that has had decompression surgery. Looking at the photos of the scars, it makes sense as to why.

Last night, I was watching the movie 'Gran Torino' with Clint Eastwood on TV. He plays this old, racist Korean War vet. Throughout the film, he repeatedly refers to the Asian family next door as "Zipperheads" I looked it up online, and found that the term is a racial slur that was commonly used to refer to Koreans. They called them that, because when the Jeeps ran over their faces in battle, the tire tracks made them look like "Zipperheads". Yikes.

Speaking for myself, in the context of the Chiari community, amongst ourselves, I know that no one means any ill will towards anyone else when using that term. In fact, when I get my decompression surgery, I plan on getting a zipper tab tattooed at the bottom of my scar.

I just thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know that there was an alternate meaning to the term, in the event someone had a t-shirt or bag with it printed on it. Especially if they lived in an area where there was a significant Asian population. Wouldn't want you to be in an uncomfortable situation.

Hey Twitch...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the info...I had no idea.....

I saw that movie years ago...but my memory is moosh ..so I forgot that part!!!!



PS: Do you have a surgery date set? If so , when????

Oh wow! I never knew this. Thanks for sharing.

I knew it and never liked saying it so I just say that I have a zipper down the back of my neck....

Hope things are well with you! and thank you for this post, I couldn't think of a nice (?) way of telling me this and you did an excellent job. Thanks!

When I first got my diagnoses and I looked it up online I read that and that was the first thing I though of. I said to my husband... That isn't a very good thing to call it. I'm not putting that big purple ribbon on my facebook page with that written across it.

I have also read this...before my surgery and just after being diagnosed I kept seeing the term in peoples blogs, so I looked it up and found the alternate meaning. YIKES!

I've noticed that bumper sticker out there too.. and I like a sense of humor. I just don't think that the person who started those had a great knowledge of the Wars... crazy crazy crazy. I agree though -- that tattoo of the zip tab at the bottom would be cute - EXCUSE me Manly :) I would need to like of something else -- as mine is going to be ruined if and when I have surgery. Never dreamed I would ever have a scalpel cut into my tattoo when I had it placed back there. Let's see.. What could we come up with -- Any Marketing people here? Ad campaign work?


I just got a call from my daughters doctor..and this topic popped into my head...The doctor is Korean and I think the 1st time I met him I referred to myself as a Zipperhead!!! OMG...had forgotten all about that blunder......I guess he didn't get offended b/c he still kept my kids on as patients..ha, ha

Have a Good Day!!!