Would you do it again?

Have your experiences post op been pretty much good or bad? Around the internet, I keep finding a lot of comments about people feeling worse than before surgery, so that kind of has me freaked out (I didn't realize it could GET any worse than right now, actually?)

So my question is - if you had to do it all over again, would you?

I would. I've had bad days since my surgery, but all of my symptoms are gone. I have my days where I feel worse, but each day I become more myself. I'm living with my mom (boo finances) and she says she sees my improvement every day, even if I'm feeling worse than before surgery.

Things always get worse before they get better. But believe that this will make your life better and it will. :)

Yes, I have headaches one the right side of my head that I didn't have before the surgery BUT I have feeling back in my fingertips, my balance is better, my eyes no longer involuntarily move, my feet rarely go numb, and I feel I have a fresh start at feeling well. I think the surgery was the best thing for me personally. I know there are horror stories out there but remember for every horror story out there, there is 3 or 4 great outcomes stories that weren't written because they were too busy getting back to life to post them :0) I was scared beyond belief from those stories but now I feel they did me a favor because I was prepared for the worst and when I came out WAY better I felt blessed. Best of luck to you! :0)

I’m only a few weeks post op, there are/ have been issues that we’re working on. But all in all I would do it again! I still believing and read that sometime it takes a whie to get all your post-op meds right. And thats where I’m at now. Trying to get my meds right.

I’ve heard the worst post op stories and the best post op stories:I’m somewhere in the middle.

If your head headaches alone were half as bad as mine were 6 weeks ago there wasn’t anything you wouldnt do to get them corrected.

Bottom line IMHO if your Dr. Says your a right candidate: it go for it go- go for it will be worth it in the end.

i would absolutely have the decompression surgery-putting aside my post surgical hydrocephalus (which i did NOT have before) I do still have some issues but in all honesty looking back at how i was then to how i am not there is a HUGE improvement!!..

we need to remember decompression surgery is NOT a cure no matter what ANY Neurosurgeon would like to lead you to believe!!

I would absolutely do it again. I agree there are so many horror stories on the internet that I was prepared for the worse case. My recovery has been very smooth. I feel better that I have in years.

Good Luck with your decision.


I would do it again if I were given the choice. I still have symptoms and problems, but I do believe that I am better off than I would have been if I didn't have the surgery. I, too, developed hydrocephalus after my surgery and had to have a shunt put in, but even that wasn't too bad! Good luck! Keep us posted :)

Thank you all for your responses! Ifeel much better now! :)

yup....me too...i would do it again..i still have problems but there has been inprovement!

Blessings and Peace,


I would recommend surgery to anyone with Chairi symptoms affecting their daily lives. Surgery was scary and post-op was painful; however, the quality of life months after is worth it! It took me 3 months to feel fully functional again. Weeks after surgery are unpleasant; however, it beats living with Chairi symptoms everyday. Before surgery, each day was a struggle. Now, I live a normal healthy life!