Would it be silly of me to Set up a caringbridge site?

I'm just wondering if it would be helpful for her and for our family to have a place to get updated on her surgery and recovery during this process. I'm thinking I might - just so I don't have to keep typing the same updates over and over again. Thoughts? Has anyone else done this?

Thanks In advance!


HI MOLLY!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of Chiari patients set up at Caringbride.....go for it..it does help family and friends, co-workers, ect...keep us on what is going on with you.

I have a girlfriend that did that and it was GREAT for us to get pix, info ect..without bothering her or her family during that stressful time.

If you do decide to go that route..can we have the sign in info so we can see how you are?? Only if you are ok with that!!



hi Lori!

Thanks for the reply - yeah the more I look at it the more it makes sense. I'm going to check in with my husband tonight and make sure he's on board with that as well, and I'll share the link!

that will give her an opportunity to "blog" about it as well.



Hi..When is the surgery????

Hi Lori,

Her surgery is 12/12/12

coming up quick!

I don't think its silly at all! I set one up for my 5 y/o so that I could keep family and friends informed, but also not have to repeat the details over and over. With everything my son is going through, the day to day and get pretty stressful. I just don't have it in me to repeat everything to everyone, especially the not so good stuff. Good luck with everything!