Words of encouragement - 8 Weeks Post op

I am 8 weeks post op and feel absolutely wonderful. All of my troublesome chiari symptoms are gone. My energy level is higher than it has been in years. I have been back to work for three weeks and I am so surprised that I am not ready to fall over of exhaustion by the end of day.

Going into surgery, I expected the worse. My hospital stay wasn't even 48 hours. Recovery has not been that bad at all. I've gotten very good at listening to my body and resting when it tells me.

For those facing surgery, I hope all goes well for you!

Many Blessings!



Congrats!!! I am happy to hear you are doing so well. That is great news!!!

I have surgery nov 22. I Pray for the same.


Its great to hear of your successful surgery. Its uplifting for us who may be facing future surgery that there is relief from all of this. Take care. Happy Thanksgiving!! Mary

Wow! Wonderful but take it easy!