18 days post op positive results so far

Hey guys

So I had my posterior Fossa decompression surgery on the 1st of July 18 days ago and I woke up this morning and cried. I haven’t felt this good in years. I’m only 18 days post op and have already have felt my chiari symptoms disappear. my brainfog double vision fatigue dizziness lack of concentration are no longer noticeable. It’s hard to explain but it’s like I finally feel awake alert and energetic. As if for the past 10 years I have always been slightly hungover.
My neck at the moment still feel a little stiff and sore due to the surgeon cutting the neck muscles. But I no longer feel the need to nap during that day. I have no nausea and am eating properly. Looking back pre op I had no idea how unwell I had been.

I was only in hospital a total of 6 days I was Taking Endo as a pain relief for a couple of days post surgery and then paracetamol every 4 hours while I was in hospital. When I got home I was only on paracetamol for week. And then didn’t need it. I had staples removed after 10 days.

I won’t know whether or not my syrinx will have collapsed for another 3 months but I have faith that it will rectify its self.

Happy to answers any question about the actual surgery it’s self for any one who is interested.


A ‘Good news’ story. We LOVE to hear those.
Long may it last.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Yeah!! Sounds like my story. I am five months post op. Things are different and I need to make sure my brain gets its rest, but I feel 100% better!

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HI there,

That is a good news - I experienced as yours, believe me, it is getting better, be persevere, I am now own company, able to get out of wheelchair, still now and then suffer from terrible headache - but nothing to compare prior to my ops.
But keep healthy by walking not strenuous exercise.

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Aw that’s such good news to hear! Can I ask if you exercise and if so how long was it till you went to back to exercise. I have had my post op check up yet and wondering when the best time to starting exercising again is. I’m just walking half an hour every day at them moment but want to start going back to strength exercise.

This is awesome news!!! How many months years are you post op? I’m so happy to hear other positive antidotes about life after surgery. It make me so excited for the rest of my life.

Exercise is a harder topic. I have never really been big on exercise anyway, but walking is my best bet. Either outside or slow on my elliptical. No weight really yet. Right now I am thankful my mind is clear and I am not falling. Slow/easy and no weight!