What to do....?

I’m 3 months post op and worse than pre op.
I have another 3 1/2 weeks before I will have my first post op scan and see my neurosurgeon.
In the mean time my Gp has given me prednisone and diazepam.
Seems from others posts that I should be better by now but I’m not.
I’ve been housebound for half a year already
I can hardly walk and when i do it severely aggravates my symptoms to the point where i cant walk for the pain in the back of my neck and left arm.
I have every symptom listed under Chiari. The electronic ringing… the lot.
Is prednisone the correct medication?? I’m not sure my Dr knows what to do.
I tried to call my neurosurgery dept today but it’s a national holiday.

Hang in there. After my surgery, I too felt worse for a long time, but eventually I did find that it was worth it. Remember, you just had BRAIN surgery so it will take months to heal from the surgery alone without taking the Chiari into consideration. It took me a year to feel much better, but I am 2 years post op and can verify the surgery was worth the recovery. I will always have some symptoms since they did not do surgery until I was 56 and by then many of my problems were permanent, but I no longer have drop attacks, and can walk in a straight line again. The horrible headaches are much better too.

My neurosurgeon did not give me those meds as I was already on a lot of others so I can’t answer your question. As for me, I hate the side effects of the meds so I try to avoid them as much as possible, but I sure don’t blame or judge others for taking them. We have a horrible condition to deal with.

Thanks for your reply… it’s encouraging
I’m literally counting the days till my follow up scan and appointment which is 3 and a half months post op. Don’t most people see their surgeon sooner after??
I’m so much worse than before surgery …
I feel the same about meds but i would take any med that would take the pain away at this point.
Thanks again