What Questions should I ask?

Hello All,

As you know I am new to the group and I was just diagnosed last week. I was told that that Chiari was pretty severe and he also saw a Syrinx on the MRI. This was my neuro-Optamologist. I meet with the Neuro-Surgeon on Wednesday and I was hoping you all could help me come up with the right questions to ask the doctor so that I am most imformed.

Thanks to all for the warm welcome. Much appreciated at this most scary time in my life.


Welcome to the group! I was diagnosed just over a year ago, and had decompression surgery June 2010. Before my initial visit to the neurosurgeon, I did a ton of research online. Then, every time a question popped into my head, I would write it down in a notebook, and then I just took the notebook with me to my appts so I wouldn't forget anything. Just so you know, no question is a dumb question! One thing you should know is that it is most often recommended to have the surgery if there is a syrinx present because the syrinx will keep coming back if the chiari is not fixed. (I too had chiari and syringomyelia.)

If you have any questions, or if I can help in any way, please feel free to just ask!


Ditto on what Stacy Marie wrote....great advice...

Just know that we are here for you...you are not alone in this...