What question are the right questions

Hi everyone,

I was recently diagnosed with Chiari, and I see the NS in 2 days. What are the right questions I should be asking? I do not have any details (level 1-4, level of syringo and the levels it effects) as of yet but those of you that have had surgery, I guess I need to know would you do it again? Did it relieve all of your symptoms, how long does a decompression surgery remain effective(timeframe in years). Does anyone not have the surgery and still remain functional? All comments are welcomed and extremely appreciated.


Under our Resource page is a link entitled "preparing for your appointment." This has helped many people. I hope it can help you prepare. My advice is to take someone with you & possibly a small tape recorder. There will be so much information flying around. It's hard to remember everything the NS says.

I don't want to answer your questions because they would scare you and I do not want to do that. I was diagnosed almost too late and almost became a quadripledgic. Again, my situation is on the extreme side. Send Beeba a message she just had her second decompression or crainectomy surgery. She is very nice and would love to help you in any way. We have some great Members that will answer your questions. Please let me know if i can help you in any way. We really do Understand !!!

Tracy Z.

Tracy Z.