What exercise can I do?

I will be turning 47 this year and I'm very unfit. I am thinking of joining a gym. My decompression surgery was 3.5 yrs ago and I'm doing really well. What am I allowed to do exercise wise, without making my 15 mm herniation any worse? Thank you in advance for your advice.

That’s really something you should ask your doctor about, they can give you the best and safest route to go about starting to workout without causing any brain problems. But good for you for wanting to start exercising and feeling good enough to do so!

Thank you Rosey, I have got an appointment with my doctor in a couple of weeks but was just wondering if their was anyone else who has Chiari that does manage to go to the gym?

I try to go to the gym everyday that I feel good. I'm pretty big into weightlifting, so it is possible to workout with chiari. You just have to be very careful, and listen to your body when it tells you, you need a break! And I'd also say start VERY slow. I started by working out once a week or so, and worked my way up to almost everyday over the course of a year, and increased weighted as my body lets me. I just didn't want to give you advice that could possible hurts you,you know? lol But def talk to your doctor first!

Thank you again Rosey. Have you had decompression surgery? If yes did you go to the gym before the op?

There is not much chance I'd do too much as I'm quite paranoid about causing damage! My doctor actually has a friend who has Chiari and he goes mountain climbing, once I knew that I realised you can do pretty much anything if your body lets you.

What kind of workouts did you do at first I'm sixteen and want to stay fit. Due to my neck that hasn't been happening.

I did have the decompression surgery 4 years ago. And took me 3 years to feel good enough to actually try to workout. I used to workout before my decompression, but I stopped prob a year before my decompression due to all of my symptoms. I’d say if you feel up to try to workout go for it. Just start Slow and make sure you listen to your body.