Does anybody here know what type of exercise is recommended and what not to do to make the brain sag lower? I would not like my chiari to get worse.

Thank you, I over did it this summer with a personal trainer, I didn’t realize that chiari could be so severe. My nl told me I had it in may but I did not put 2 and 2 together until I started going to bed with an ice pak for my neck each night. And headaches started coming very frequent.
Have you had surgery yet ?

walking is by far the best, low impact i know people that do water yoga that find more benefit in that then any other form of excercise. i'd even think general swimming would be just as good too.

anything that involves jumping, lifting, pushing, pulling, types of movements of the like are a NO NO for Chiarians.

Thank you, I tried to do my pilates machine with a rebounder thinking it would be safe and my neck and head hurt so bad that night. It seems like everything makes me hurt. I guess a trampoline is bad lying down or standing up. It is a pretty good work out though. I sure so miss my training sessions.
Thanks for your help.

First off I am NO expert, but I would think a stationary bike (the sit down with your feet forward kind), an elliptical, or one of those Nordic Track cross-country ski type machines would be a good choice.

I just started P90 the beginning of January. Doing great with the weight loss. However, I'm thinking that is what may have triggered my pain issues. Guess it's back to walking for awhile.