We need help

Kristina has started having issues with her food. when she eats anything, or drinks, the food comes out of her mouth. almost as if her mouth is numb and she cant feel it. has anyone else experienced this?

Abby, this has just brought tears to my eyes. I keep thinking that everyday she is getting better and slowly healing. But she has new issues pop up. I have called her drs and plead to them to help. I feel like they dont care.I even lost my cool with the nurse at the NS office. She said just calm down and take a deep breathe, I said yes that is so easy for you to say. You are not watching your 11 year old daughter pretty much hibernate, bc she is hurting so bad, that she doesnt even want to wake up. And now she cant eat with out food falling out of her mouth. She is embarassed about this and doesnt eat in front of others. Her right side has also started the numb and tingling problems.

Hi Amanda,

I am so sorry for all you and of course your little one is going through....11 is such a tough age to begin with..poor thing. I worry for you...are you taking care of yourself????

When does she see NS again???

Peace and prayers,


Buy her some instant Carnation breakfasts, you can make it with milk to add it to a home-made shake or something.. just to get some protein and vitamins into her while waiting to see the doctor.

It is so heartbreaking to hear some of the stories that the parents go through. For me, I am the one that has the Chiari. If it were my daughter, I know that I would muster up the strength, but it just aches my hearts so to know what you have to watch your child go through. I honor you as a parent and I will pray for you all. Here is too answers and help soon for Kristina.


Lori D