Visiting Karen (Quiltahalic)

Today Lynn Messer and I went to visit Karen who just had stent surgery. I had never met Karen in person, so just to let you all know she is a wonderful, sweet and very caring lady, I fell in love with. She had surgery only this morning and was doing extremely well. I had never been in the presence with all of us having Chiari.

Please she her well wishes. She is awesome and as bad as Chiari is, it was wonderful to meet her in person and be with Lynn Messer. Those ladies are wonderful. How rare is 3 chiarians being in the same room together?

Karen, sending you love, well wishes, and prayers. Please give us updates on your recovery. We have missed you. Lynn thank you for taking me with you and making my day special.

Love, Abby

It is so exciting that the three of you could get together and support Karen after her surgery.

I wish you all the best, Karen! Rest, heal, and feel better!