Vestibular therapy

Good morning:) Ive been offline for a while...have a few problems between feeling awful and not able to get on wifi at times. Hope all is as good as can be with all of you:)

So I've been diagnosed with two new physical problems this week. First a problem with my liver, I need to lose weight, exercise more and change some medication to see if that helps. If not, a liver biopsey sometime in the fall.

Second, some hearing loss in both ears and an inner-ear weakness. No pills or surgery, vestibular therapy reccomended. Only two places nearby that I can get to, first one does not accept my insurance, have to check with primaray on second one at my appointment next week.

Just wondering if anyone has tried this therapy or has this problem. I seem to remember this being mentioned. I also tried and was allergic to yet another medication for the headaches. I'm trying very hard to stay positive, and accept and cope with all of this change in my life, but feeling like it's such a struggle at times.

I do also have a follow up visit this week with the cognative psychologist and think he's going to recommend some counseling to help which I think I might need right now. I just feel so adrift and unfocused at times. I was so used to my busy work and family life that I'm finding it difficult to get myself into some kind of routine. I feel like my family and friends have an expectation that I should be happy to be retired and home. Other than having to use a cane for balance, I look just fine, as we all well know, and it's just so frustrating not to be..just fine.

Anyway, I'm sorry to ramble on so. I've missed being able to come here and find and give that support, ecouragement and friendship that we all need so very much:) Hope to stay strong, positive and have the best day I can have. Wishing the same to all of you:)


I am so sorry that you are going through this. You don't need anything else on your plate. I agree with Emmaline that Milk Thisyle helps the liver and protects it. I also take Phosphatidyl Choline that helps the brain and the liver. Homeopathy could help also. If your ever interested I would be happy to talk to you about it. We all wish the best for you and wish we could help more. When you have Chiari it's so overwhelming anything else that is added to it can be so distressing. I am sending you prayers healing energy and a great big hug.


Wendy and Emmaline,

Thanks so much for you kindness, prayers and suggestions, I will look into the milk thistle and coconut oil, as I'm getting quite frustrated trying regular medications, as I seem to be allergic to an awful lot of them. Not such a good day today, bad headache, foggy and off balance, hoping for a better day tomorrow:) Hope today is good for you. Hugs and prayers right back at you<3